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Yi Quan


Yi Quan (Boxing of the Mind) is an internal style, created in the 1930’s by the legendary Master Wan Xiang Zhai (1890-1962), who had been a pupil of the famous Master of Hsing I Kuo Yun Shen.

Wang Xian Zhai, after years of travel, research and combat throughout the whole of China, succeeded in synthesizing a totally unique style, which recaptured the essential core of the martial arts, eliminating the greater part of the formal aspects of the various schools.

The result was a system of great value both from the martial point of view, and the therapeutic aspect for the treatment of diverse pathologies.

The cardinal points of the method lie in the practice of seemingly static positions, and extremely slow simple movements, both associated with intense work on Yi, which is voluntary, creative imagination.

The martial part is developed through the study of explosive movements and pushing hands practice.

The Academy follows a particular form of Yi Quan: Wu Xin Quan (Boxing of the Martial Heart), created by Master Stefano Agostini, third generation student, after years of extensive study and research.

Wu Xin Quan seeks to rediscover the essential core of the art, eliminating the more recent and ambiguous deformations, and aiming directly at its two fundamental contents: the therapeutic and the martial.

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