International Nei Jia Academy

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The School

The Nei Jia Academy is an academy of the Chinese internal styles of martial arts .

In this school the following styles are studied: Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua and Hsing I of the Grand Master Wang Shu Chin, Yi Quan, Chi Kung. Nei Jia Kempo and I Liq Chuan.

Such styles have been carefully chosen after nearly half a century of research, not only because they are the most interesting and effective within the vast choice of the Nei Jia tradition, but also for their characteristics of synergical progression; progress in one of these areas will lead to advancement in the others.

This is an essential element to allow the study of different styles.

In fact in this context, the possibility of ranging through different styles, far from being dispersive, allows a faster understanding of the work, sometimes even succeeding in removing certain deadlocks in a student's progress.

The Academy organizes regular lessons, structured along the principles of synergic teaching, Seminars, Instructors Courses, Campus and Residential Seminars, as well as study meetings with some of the Masters of the relative Styles.

Within this School pupils can focus on a single style, on more than one, or on all styles, with preference for a particular aspect such as the energetic or the martial one, or study all the traditional aspects more profoundly.

The aim is to lead the practitioner by means of the Nei Jia styles to develop his or her own deeper potential, and from a physical, energetic, perceptive, intellectual and moral point of view, build up a new self.

The Nei Jia Academy aims at building up a man who is at the same time a warrior, a sage and a philosopher.

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