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The Master

Master Stefano Agostini has had almost half a century’s experience in the realm of Martial arts.

He started with the practice of Judo in 1966 with Master Elio Sarti, a pupil of Isamu Ishii.
In 1971 he began the practice of Karate Shotokan at Master Shirai’s FESIKA, studying with Master Luciano Paladini and obtaining a 1 Dan in 1977. Currently Master Agostini is a 5 Karate Shotokan Dan, with the Diploma of the Dan Nippon Butokukai, the oldest and most prestigious association of Japanese Martial Arts.

When Master Paladini left the Fesika, Master Agostini continued his practice in the Schools of Masters Somigli, Cialli and Giordano.

Some years later he began studying with Master Perlati from Bologna, and then directly with Master Hiroshi Shirai.

At the same time he started training in Nippon Kempo with Daniele Sinigaglia, and Shorei Kan Kobudo with Mario Trezzi, a pupil of Master Tamano.

Towards the end of the seventies being a member of Master Shirai’s Goshindo Institute he began the practice of Kendo with Master Kentaro Miyazaki becoming his first private pupil in Iaido.

In 1984 he studied for two years in Koichi Tohei’s School of Ki.
In 1989 Master Agostini opened the Florence Budokan Centre, heir of the historical Kodokan, the first school of Karate in Italy, and at the inaugural ceremony Master Shirai defined the Budokan as “…the finest dojo in the world..”

In the Budokan he established the first Tuscan course of the FENIKE school for Kendo and Iaido, resuming practice with Paolo Vanelli, Arturo Tagliavini and Koji Amagai the All Japan high school champion, and in 1992 obtained a first Dan in Laido with Master Miyazaki.

He had begun the practice of Yang Style Tai Chi in 1979 with Master Chang Dsu Yao, and then resumed it at the Budokan with Master Giovanni Bernabei.

In 1992 a decisive meeting takes place: Master Agostini makes the acquaintance of Master Kenji Tokitsu, and this was the lightening flash on the road to Damascus.
Master Agostini enthusiastically joined Master Tokitsu’s Shaolin Mon school and became his pupil.

It was thanks to Master Tokitsu that he then understood the true way of the Chinese internal styles, their richness and efficacy.

By interpreting the authentic spirit of the Shaolin Mon School, which rather than a school is a basis for research, Master Agostini started on his deepest personal journey, following Master Tokitsu’s inspiration and his indications.

To further the study of Yi Quan, in 1994 he began to practice it in Tokyo with Master Sun Li, in a short time becoming one of the most noted European experts in the art. Master Agostini then established an important organization, the Kokusai Ikenkai, where numerous Instructors even some of the most notable exponents of the Italian martial arts world have been formed and in this period he wrote the first manual of Yi Quan to appear in Europe: “Kung Fu Yi Quan”.
In 1999 he left the teaching of Master Sun Li to continue studying with other famous masters: Yao Cheng Guan, Han Jing Yu, Li Jian Yu, Cui Rui Bin, Jan Diepersloot, Timo Hekkila, Jan Kallenbach, Yang Lin Sheng, and Wang Reng An.

In 2008 he founded his own style of Yi Quan, naming it Wu Xin Quan, Boxing of the Martial Heart and in which the fundamental elements derived from his studies have been gathered together.

With regard to Tai Chi, in 1994 Master Agostini began studying with Master Manfred Rottmann, one of the very few instructors formed by the Grand Master Wang Shu Chin, and the best interpreter of his school. He then became its official representative for Europe.
When Master Rottmann, due to a very serious accident, was obliged temporarily to withdraw, Master Agostini studied for some years with Master Wang Fu Lai, head of the Cheng Ming school, becoming its official representative for Italy and the first official national representative in Europe.

Following the desire for further and deeper study of Tai Chi Chen, and on inspiration from Tokitsu he started studying with various outstanding exponents of this school: Madame Lac, the official representative of Master Wang Xian, Master Chen Xiao Wang, Cristiano Vittorioso, Francesco Fedeli, Fabio Smolari, Roberto Vignali, and Master Khintissa.

In 1991 he officially became part of Master Tetsuzan Kuroda’s Traditional Budo school at Omiya, and with him studied Ju Jitsu, Iai Jitsu and Ken Jitsu.

Still wishing to explore Shaolin Mon concepts more deeply, Master Agostini studied the Hida Shiki method in Tokyo with Master Tomita, and the Nishino Method with Mihoko Oyama.
In the field of Chi Kung Master Agostini studied the Suen Koei Li method with Grazia Annunziata, the Feng Zhi Qiang method with Madame Lac, the Luminous Flower method with Constantino Valente, Wai Dan Kong with Master Allan Fong, and the Yayama method with Doctor Toshihiko Yayama and Sabino Leone.

Towards the end of the nineties, he studied Brazilian Ju Jitsu with extrahordinary Master Roberto Galardi and with Federico Tisi.
In those years he researched English Boxing with Master Fabio Giacotti.

In 1998 he started studying Wing Chun with Stefano Ricci. He followed this up by studying with Emin Botzepe, Massimo Giammarino, Lapo Bartumioli, Master Allan Fong, and Master Costantino Valente (who eventually abandoned this practice in order to found his own style.
In the same period Master Agostini studied Latosa Escrima with Renè Latosa,

Towards the end of the 1990’s he studied the historical traditional form of Western Swordsmanship for three years with Master Andrea Lupo Sinclair, establishing the Florentine “Confraternita della Spada”, and was appointed by Master Sinclair to hold several seminars in Rome.

In 2005 in New York, Master Agostini meets another extraordinary personage, Master Sam Chin the founder of the I Liq Chuan Style, and becomes his pupil, and then his official representative in Italy. He furthers research into this style with Daria Sergeeva.
In the field of self defense, he adheres to Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training school, considering it to be the most efficacious and concrete method.

For the physical training in use in his School, Master Agostini has researched the functional methods of Matt Furey since the early 2000’s, and eventually adopted them officially.

In the year 2009 he established his own style of combat, naming it Nei Jia Kempo Karate, in which all his martial experiences are gathered.

In the year 2006, he establishes the
International Nei Jia Academy.

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