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Pa Kua


Pa Kua Chuan (Eight Diagram Boxing), is the third great Chinese internal style.
Its modern founder is the mythical Tung Hai Chuan (1798-1879), who in a famous confrontation in Peking, challenged Kuo Yun Shen, the maximum Hsing I exponent.
The confrontation ended in a draw, and the two masters, having each considered their techniques complementary, decided then to exchange students.
Pa Kua is a fast internal style, which basically develops the circular power, and is
applied upon contact.
The particular circular pacing derives from Taoist esoteric meditation techniques, and the continuous insistent repetition of rotation and counter-rotation of all parts of the body gives the practitioner physical benefits and dynamic capacities that are absolutely unique.
The Nge Mei Pa Kua (“Beautiful Eyebrows”) style is practiced in the Nei Jia Academy. This style was passed on to Wang Shu Chin (1904-1981) by Master Chan Chao Tung, a pupil of Tung.
Successively, Master Wang Shu Chin also studied the E Mei branch in Peking with the old hermit Hsiao Hai Po.

The training program includes an effective basic synthesis for the numerous techniques passed on through this system.

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