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Neijia Kempo


Nei Jia Kempo (Chinese Boxing of the Internal Family) is a fighting style elaborated by Master Stefano Agostini.

Basically this method draws its inspiration from Master Tokitsu’s Shaolin Mon Karate from which it has adopted some fundamental elements.

As in Karate, Shaolin Mon has a didactic- structural framework and terminology that derives from the Japanese styles.

Its energetic core is constituted by Yi Quan , while its dynamics
and motory patterns draw principally on Tai Chi, Hsing I and Pa Kua of the Wang Shu Chin School.

In this context one can say that Nei Jia Kempo is the ideal martial application of the internal styles.

The technique has a structure that is very close to Boxing and Thai Boxing when training standing upright and to Brazilian Ju Jitsu regarding the training on the ground.

The internal pattern of the technique however, is performed according to the structure of the Nei Jia styles.

The efficacy of this style is based on two of its fundamental principles: simplicity and naturalness.

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