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I Liq Chuan ®


I Liq Chuan (of Mind and Force), is a family style created by Grand Master Chin Lik Keong.

Grand Master Chin had studied an ancient style called Hsing I Pa Kua, known also as The Style of the Nomadic Clans, and from this he elaborated his own personal style.

The present leader of the school is Master Sam Chin (born 1955), who after having spent ten years in the Buddhist Monastery of Carmel, has set up and organized the philosophical and didactic basis of this method.

I Liq Chuan is an internal style based on the philosophy of Tai Chi and on Zen Buddhism.

Master Chin defines it as “The Art of Awareness”.

Its two fundamental points are the recognition of the present reality in a Buddhist sense, and the capacity to flow with the action without resistance and without attachment.

Its practice is based on 15 fundamental exercises, which should open the mind towards the understanding of the Self, on the 21 Form for the perception of the balanced flow of Yin and Yang, on the Butterfly Form for the development of Fa Jing, and on numerous “pushing hands” exercises, which are divided mainly into Spinning Hands and Sticking Hands.

The approach of I Liq Chuan towards the reality of the internal styles is quite unique, above all due to its effective capacity in the practical application of Buddhist philosophical principles to the dimension of combat.

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