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Hsing I


Hsing I Chuan (Form - Mind Boxing), together with Tai Chi Chuan and Pa Kua, is one of the three most famous Chinese internal styles of Martial Arts.

Here we are talking about a very ancient style, created, according to legend, by the mythical General Yueh Fei and dating to about the year one thousand, although more reliable documents give the original dating of the style as 1650 and attribute it to master Chi Lung Feng.

Hsing I is a fast style, which basically develops rectilinear power, famed for its efficacy which gained it numerous victories in the first public Lei Tai fights during the 1920’s.

The sophisticated and at the same time natural use of refined internal dynamics results in the production of an astonishing linear force.

The Chung Nan style, also known as Hsing I Pa Kua, was originally passed on by Master Kuo Yun Shen to Master Chang Chao Tung, and from the latter to Master Wang Shu Chin (1904-1981).

The training program includes an effective basic synthesis for the numerous techniques passed on through this system.

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