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Chi Kung


Chi Kung (the work on Chi) is a general term that indicates a wide range of systems for developing internal energy or Chi.

At least one thousand main styles exist and these range from mainly meditational methods to esoteric ones and even to methods that are essentially physical.

In the Nei Jia Academy the system in practice is that of Doctor Toshihiko Yayama, a surgeon from Saga (Japan), who is an immunologist, oncologist and expert in traditional medicine, and who has studied and analyzed a large number of Chinese and Japanese schools eventually succeeding in synthesizing a rapid and efficient method.

Doctor Yayama’s best known book “Qi Healing”, has been translated into many languages and circulated worldwide.

The Yayama methode is based on movements which while they open energetic channels and gates, at the same time develop the main dynamics that are necessary for the practice of internal styles and in addition have an immediate medical and therapeutic effect.

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